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you will have to type my email address into the to field of your email because I don’t know how to get it to open straight into your email yet I am sorry for the inconvenience.

PSN screen name: DarkRose2012 Please let me know you are a reader of my blog in your message when you request me I will not add people who I don’t knowhow they found me. If you are trying to add me to tell me that I suck at video games trust me I already know. Any and all mean people will be blocked .

My Facebook Blogger page (Every single “like” on this page helps ♡)
Twitter: BookNerd0486

My Amazon Wishlist for anyone who wants to get me anything since I can’t physically keep up with a PO box

Giving is NOT required. The things on my list are all things that I like/useful things. If you want me to read/review a specific book please leave me a comment on here or on my Twitter @BookNerd0486 and if I haven’t read it and I find it interesting I will add it to the list and I will keep my eyes open for the books whenever I go to the book store or whenever I buy books.