The Grape Harvest & the God

I personally find this information very interesting dear reader because I also work with/follow Dionysos and Isis 🙂


Of course the Egyptians made wine!

This weekend, we are picking and stomping and dancing and beginning the fermenting. Which means I shall be preparing and invoking and feasting and trancing and…then cleaning up all the stompage. Therefore I offer you this repeat post about my two Deities: Isis and Dionysos. O I do love Them so!

Now, please see how my two Divine ones are not so very far apart as you might, at first, think. And may you be divinely intoxicated this weekend as I shall undoubtedly be…

Dionysos in musical ecstasy

Now, at first glance, the Greek God of Ecstatic Intoxication & Wine doesn’t seem to have much to do with our Egyptian Lady of Magic & Power, Isis. After all, He’s the Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll God and She’s…well, She’s a bit more serious.

Ah, but wait. All is not as it seems. (All is almost never

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I believe Isis stands for love not fear..

Dear reader I know that this might not interest you or the other people who visit my blog and I completely understand and it's fine with me, however I personally believe in Isis and I believe she stands for love and not fear.

Isis & the Dark Night of the Soul

I go through this every so often, I am in one of these periods right now however I still trust and love Isis and all the other Gods I work with/ follow.


A depiction of the Dark Night of the Soul: Ce Que Je Suis by angelitonegro on Deviant Art A depiction of the Dark Night of the Soul: Ce Que Je Suis by angelitonegro on Deviant Art

I read a short blog post the other day that made me sad…and sympathetic. It was by a young woman who felt she had lost the mystery of her Pagan path. The power of the rites had flown. She doubted. Her anguish was palpable in what she wrote.

This may have been the first time that had happened to her.

Yet I can guarantee that, if we follow any spiritual path for a sufficient length of time, this same thing will happen to each of us. At some point, the mystery dries up. The excitement dies down. The thrill of discovery is not as thrilling as it once was. Usually, this doesn’t happen all of a sudden and usually not in the early part of our journey with Isis. Rather, it’s a slow erosion that we don’t…

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