Follow the Gods

Dear reader I really and truly do relate to this story because it resembles my own “Coming to the Gods” story.

Artemisia Astraiê

It was during a group meditation at a New Age fair. The purpose was to connect with an archangel, I can’t remember which one, and to receive guidance on our spiritual path. As I visualised myself entering a massive library and being greeted by a woman in a red peplos, I remember thinking that something wasn’t quite right. My doubts were confirmed when she introduced herself as Charis – with the name of a Greek Goddess, whoever she was, she wasn’t an archangel.

And that was only the beginning.

Charis led me to a table, where a book lay open. The page was blank but for several words written in cryptic characters, which I tried to decipher. But I was afraid – afraid of what, I don’t know – and some part of me refused to look, and to understand.

“Does it say follow your heart?”

Charis shook her head.

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