My review of episode 1 of “Cutthroat Kitchen” with Alton Brown

Warning spoilers will be ahead:

I am writing this review while I watch the episode on my DVR so that I can pause and add my thoughts as needed,

This review is my personal thoughts of the episode I am not a professional writer or reviewer just a fan doing this for fun. Disclaimer I am biased to the show a bit due to the fact that I am already a fan of the show’s host Alton Brown:

Contestants for this episode are:

Chef Frankie, Chef Lori, Chef “Ninja”(her stated nickname), and Chef Stark.

First round challenge:

Turkey Dinner.

1st Round auction:

1st item up to bid on:

An empty basket that allows the owner of said basket go to each one of their opponents and take away 1 item from them except for their Turkey.

Winner of the basket is:

Chef Lori,

Winning bid price of the basket, $7,500.
Items she took from her opponents:

Butter from Chef Frankie, green peas from Chef “Ninja”, and Chicken stock from Chef Stark.

2nd item up to bid on:

An injected(they don’t say with what flavors) and fully cooked Turkey Brest. Whoever wins the Turkey Brest can trade it to any 1 of their opponents for their opponent’s uncooked Turkey forcing the opponent to use the pre-cooked Turkey Brest.

Winner of the pre-cooked Turkey Brest is:

Chef “Ninja” with a winning bid of $6,400. She gave. The Turkey Brest to Chef Frankie.

3rd item up to bid on is:

A “Swiss Army Knife” that the winning bidder trades to 1 of their opponents forcing said opponent to use it as their only knife for the entire round.

Winner of the “Swiss Army Knife” is:

Chef “Ninja” for a winning bid of $9,00. She gives it to Chef Lori.

Surprise Auction of a Butane Burner:

The winner of this item can give it to one of their opponents forcing said opponent to only cook on it for the rest of this challenge.

Winner of the auction is:

Chef Frankie with a winning bid of 2,100. He gives it to Chef “Ninja”.

Note about the show it only has 1 judge.

First round elimination:

The judge got a had to pick out a bone while eating Chef “Ninja” food. Uh oh😦.

The judge told Chef Stark that he didn’t clean his peas properly(She pulled fibers off of them, he served them in the shell).

The judge eliminates Chef “Ninja”.

2nd round Challenge is:

French Toast.

2nd round Auction:

First item to bid on is:

Powered Milk & Eggs. The winning bidder gets to trade 1 of their opponents the powdered Milk & Eggs for their fresh milk and eggs forcing said opponent to use the powdered stuff for their dish.

Winning bidder is:

Chef Stark with a winning bid of $8,000. He gives the powdered Milk & Eggs to Chef Frankie.

That is a twist to me dear reader because Chef Lori forgot to get milk or eggs from her 60 second pantry trip. I am curious to see how this turns out.

2nd item up for auction is:

A basket of burnt bread products. The winning bidder gets to give 1 of each of the 2 burnt bread products to their remaining opponents(One for you and one for you).

Winner of this auction is:

Chef Frankie for a winning bid of $11,000.

3rd item up for auction is:

A bucket of Ice. The winning bidder of the bucket of Ice gives it to 1 of their opponents forcing said opponent to add frozen component to their French Toast dish.

Winner of this auction is:

Chef Stark with a winning bid of $5,000. He gives the bucket of Ice to Chef Frankie.

Surprise 2nd round auction item is:

Red Wine & Blue Cheese. The winning bidder of this auction forces 1 of their opponents to use the Red wine & Blue Cheese in their dish.

Winning bidder of this auction is:

Chef Stark for a winning bid of $4,400. He gives the Red Wine & Blue Cheese to Chef Frankie.

2nd round elimination:

The Judge liked the sweet side of Chef Frankie dish but not the savory one.

The Judge called Chef Lori’s dish “Flat and one note.” Ouch Dear reader that one even hurt me lol: ).

The Judge was “Confused” by Chef Stark’s dish.

The Judge eliminates Chef Stark because “The elements together didn’t work.”

That surprised me dear reader I thought that Chef Frankie was going to be eliminated.

3rd & final round challenge is:

Lobster roll & a side dish.

This just got interesting the final auction will take place during the cooking process.

Funny pantry shopping moment this round with Chef Lori, she saw the live lobsters and freaked out. She picked up two of them but one jumped out of her basket some how and she didn’t pick it up off the floor so she is only going to cook with 1 lobster.

First item up for auction is:

Bread making materials the winner of this item forces their opponent to bake all of the bread that they want to use for their dish from scratch.

Winning bidder of this auction is:

Chef Lori with a winning bid of $8,500 and of course Chef Frankie gets it because he is her only remaining opponent.

2nd item up for bid is:

An empty box that the winning bidder uses to force their opponent to give up all of their cooking utensils for the rest of their cooking time.

Winning bidder of this item is:

Chef Lori with a winning bid of $2,300.

Chef Frankie said he let Chef Lori win thinking that he didn’t need utensils to finish his dish forgetting that he still has lobster claws in boiling water.

He used a metal pasta strainer to get them out.

3rd & final elimination round:

Chef Lori has no side dish this round because she forgot to get anything for it during her pantry shopping except radishes, which she chopped up and put on the side of her lobster sandwich.

The judge tells Chef Frankie that his dish is un-seasoned, dry, and she doesn’t understand the choice of his grilled flat bread. Note: The Judge is unaware of all the drama and changes,

The judge tells Chef Lori likes the bread of Chef Lori dish but she says she has too much bread and not enough lobster, also she tells her that the radishes seem more like a garnish to her then a side dish.

The winer of this episode of “Cutthroat Kitchen” is:

Chef Frankie who wins $11,900.

I really like this show dear reader and will do more of these reviews of the show:).

Tell me what you think.

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