I really miss sex

Note to reader If talk of sex bothers you then please don’t read this post.

I really really miss sex. I am so horney right now it almost hurts. I haven’t had any since June of 2011. I really really want the next man I sleep with to be one I will be serious with as I have never had a one night stand and I never want to have one.

However to be honest I know myself and the urge is strong and I know no one can be a saint forever. If the chance comes up for sex I may give in I just pray I am around the right man at the time.

I am being short tempered with my friends lately because I feel that I am at my wits end. I don’t mind helping people and giving advice it’s just sometimes I need to recharge my own batteries first.

Having dreams where I wake up just before the sex happens isn’t helping any either: (.

Tell me what you think.

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