Please file this under you’re not helping.

Note to reader: The following is a rant for me to let off steam regarding MY personal feelings on said subject and is NOT me speaking for ANYONE other than myself. If you disagree with me that is fine, however please do so on your own blog/website. Any comments I find disrespectful will be deleted.

Dear reader as most of you know by now I am a very proud American and I love to to read.

As I was looking on my Nook(tablet/e-reader I use to read because my CP has made holding normal books and turning pages hard for me) looking for new books to read I happened to come across a series of fictional books about what would happened if terrorist took over America.

I am very angry about this because I personally feel that books like these are causing more people to fear one faith due to the actions of a few and I believe this helps no one.

I do think protecting America from threats is important and I still have fear because of 911(I was not in NY at the time however that day took away my long held belief that my country was as safe place to be).

I just think the more people fear the more they do things that create more people that hate us which creates more people dying which I don’t want to see.

I personally believe that America should and always will protect herself however these books do nothing to help that cause.

Rant over

Tell me what you think.

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