I am now working with Hermes: )

Dear reader I am now working with Hermes. I read a post about him on the house of vines and I realized that he has been with me for a while.

I have met him once before when he introduced me to Isis in a dream a few years ago. I always thought He was just there to make the introduction, I never thought he liked me until last night I had a dream and I know he sent it.

I can’t really explain it, however I woke up happier than I have in a very long time. I am very grateful to him. Blessed Be all of the Gods.

One thought on “I am now working with Hermes: )

  1. Reblogged this on I.O. Kirkwood and commented:
    I.O.’s Aside:

    Ah, that realization that you are favored by an archetype, and a trickster one at that. If you need any advice on how to handle the capricious Hermes, hit me up. He’s a hoot but he can be pretty scary too unless you like chaos, alchemy, and change the way I like coffee. I REALLY LIKE coffee.

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