How I used a “Book of Shadows”

Note to reader: I feel the urge to share this for some reason, maybe it will help you: ). Also these are my personal thoughts on the subject I am not judging anyone who does it differently.

Dear reader when I first started my path in September of ’08 I had heard that I needed a “Book of Shadows” (A place to keep spells and thoughts on magic).

I was still with my ex hubby at the time and I had him buy me a journal to write in. The idea of writing spells didn’t really appeal to me(Still doesn’t) so I decided to write down what I felt my own personal core beliefs were and why I believe them.

*I believe in the Greek Gods(Dionysus was the first to make himself known to me).

* I believe that not all Gods are one and the same, I believe They each have their own personalities and powers(That is how They have made themselves known to me).

* I believe in magic as a form of energy that when used with Will and intent can effect change in the world.

* I believe that there is more in the world then people or science knows about as yet.

I don’t have the journal anymore because of moving and other issues however I feel that it gave me a good foundation to build and grow my faith on.

I used that first year and a day period to really get to know myself, which is my personal opinion is the best way to get started in any faith.

I hope I have helped you some dear reader: ).

Tell me what you think.

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