The pull of “Wonderland” (Trying to understand)

Note to reader:  The following is not a rant it is me trying to understand something so it falls under “random stuff” to me. Also this as it is currently happening to me and I am speaking for myself not anyone else.

Dear reader I have always liked “Alice and Wonderland” since I was little however lately I have been feeling a “pull” toward wonderland as it having/being a symbol for something deeper in my life and my personal spiritual understanding.

The best way I can explain right now is that the Gods are trying to use wonderland(which I understand/have a concept of) as a way for Them to show me things using it as a base.

I am writing this as a way to remember plus as a way to process it, (If the need arises I will make a “Wonderland” tab on here) which leads me to last night in part of a dream I had(I don’t want to post it here publicly because it was very personal) someone called me “Alice’s daughter”.

I don’t think I am the daughter of Alice however I do see the curiosity in myself of Alice.  Back when I first started working with/following the Gods in 2009 whenever They would want Me to go deeper into something with Them I would tell myself “I was going down the rabbit hole” as a way to make it less scary. I am wondering if that is happening again since I haven’t been able to fully understand some of the things They have been trying to explain to me.

When I am asleep I get it and when I wake up it’s back in puzzle piece form again. I have a feeling things are about to get interesting dear reader: ).

Update: I felt the urge to add the tab so I did.

Tell me what you think.

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