Is he connected to “The hatter”?

Dear reader the following post is about me trying to understand more about my life and the things the Gods I work with/follow are trying to have me understand so it might seem crazy or wrong to you,however it is really happening to me and very important to me.  As always I speak for no one other than myself:

I am wondering if in this journey for the purpose of me understanding and processing the information I will be “Alice” and I am wondering if the guy who will be my mate/parter will be my “Hatter” for my journey

I have always gone for guys who are a bit “off” or different. For example my ex hubby I see as “the Joker”. I don’t think he is the Joker I just know he has some of the same qualities, I am wondering if it will be the same with “the Hatter”

I know that “Alice” and the “Hatter” isn’t always seen as being with Alice in a romantic sense however this only for my personal journey so I know that a lot of details will differ from the original story.

I will share the journey as much as I can(some details well more than likely remain private) in the “Wonderland” tab of my blog.  I am excited to start the journey: ).

Tell me what you think.

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