You would swear it’s fiction when I know it’s fact.

Dear reader I want to share more of my past here however I am afraid because some of my very best friends who have known me forever still have trouble believing some of my story and they actually know me.

If I didn’t know myself I would swear it was fiction too but I know it’s a fact because I lived it, I survived it somehow (I have stopped really questioning it because it never makes any sense).

I really don’t know why I have made it this far but I have.

I vividly remember playing with a bright red ball of floating light and my mom came into my room and told me never to play with it again and to never said a word of it to my Dad.

Since that night I have never seen anything like that again, I deeply and truly believe that was a fairy and now I have blocked myself from being able to see them.

That is only one story I have a few more that I may share at some point and a few that will always stay personal.

Tell me what you think.

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