Dear mom(2014)

Note to reader: The following is for me personally to deal with feelings and emotions I have towards my mom. I am doing this here because it is the easiest place for me to be able to get my feelings out which is the intent/purpose of this blog.

Dear Mom:

I don’t know where to start I haven’t seen you since the Sumer that I turned 12(I am about to turn 28 in a few weeks).

So much has changed since I saw you last, I finished middle school and graduated high school.

I didn’t have you there to see any of it or to help me pick out a prom dress. Dad thought I could wear jeans a pretty top, needless to say I didn’t go. I did have fun at grad night though, a guy I had a crush on for pretty much the whole time in high school was nice enough to have two dances with me. He wasn’t even embarrassed about my chair or anything:).

Flash forward to December of 2005 I met my now ex hubby and got married. My dress wasn’t white but it had roses on it and I had a tiara in my hair.

It was in Vegas and dad pushed me down the aisle. He even cried. I was happy but I missed you so much. Thankful my mother-in-law is very nice and she took me in.

Kyle(that’s my ex’s name) cheated on me with a girl from his work after we had been married about 4 years. He is still being an ass about the divorce papers though.

Now comes the really hard part, mom Shawn died Dec of 2011. I know it would break your heart If you knew. My ex was still around at the time and he took me to the funeral.

Mom your mom was so mean to me and your sister Karen didn’t even want my cell number before we left, I pretty much know that there done with me now.

I tried to find you mom but the hospitals I tried will not even say if your a patient or not because of privacy laws.

I hope you’re alive and safe somewhere and we see each other again someday.

I love you

– Me.

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