Another random reason being disabled sucks: (

Note to reader: The following comments are ONLY about me and not meant to be taken as applying to anyone else.

I am also just venting my own personal frustrations, I am NOT trying to make anyone feel sorry for me(Yes, I know that others have it worse off than me, however that doesn’t lessen my frustration).

Dear reader I am currently laying in one of the beds in my dad and I’s hotel room(it’s the kind with 2 Queen sized beds) writting this on my cellphone using my 4G. PS. If you’re new to my blog and you don’t already know this I am disabled because I have CP (Cerebral Palsy)

It’s 4:00AM and my dad is down playing Slots, I want to sleep, there is just one problem though I can’t roll over on my side(I am not a back sleeper).

There is nothing to grab on to so I can do it myself like in my bed at home.

My bed at home has a headboard with mental bars in the design of it that I use to roll over.

Here I am like a turtle stuck on its back, I called my dad once an hour ago and he said he would be up in 10 minutes which was a half hour ago, I don’t want to bugg him too much.

This just really sucks:(.

Tell me what you think.

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