I am telling you I am going through things and all you can say is that sucks?

Note to reader: The following post is so I can vent because I am almost in tears right now from all this stress. I can’t really explain all of the reason why here for personal reasons and I hope you will understand.

Dear reader I told Adriana(My best friend and the mother of my God-daughter) about some of the drama I have been dealing with lately and she just said:

“Oh, that sucks”

And that she is picking up her stuff this Friday to move out(She’s moving in with her bf which she was going to do in December any way).

She wouldn’t even answer me when I asked if her and I were still ok. The really sad thing is I knew when she first moved in that this could end our friendship because she would get mad if I had to ask her to leave, look at the blog posts for around June/July if you don’t believe me dear reader I didn’t think that an originally 2 week thing would last about 5 and half months.

Yes, I have been really stressed lately between my dad’s drama and my own. I just really wish I could get some mercy and understanding. 

I honestly and totally feel that my dad and you dear reader(This blog) Are the only constant things in my life right now.

It means so much to me to know you’re here to *listen* to me vent so thanks every so much dear reader: ).

Tell me what you think.

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