I called him to say goodbye and his phone is off(12/13/14)

Note to reader: If you want the backstory to this post please check the trials in love or the venting tabs of my blog.

Dear reader I called Alex to say goodbye because it’s been almost 2 weeks since I have heard anything from him at all and I wanted to at least say goodbye to him by phone before I moved on.

When I called his phone went straight to voicemail, I don’t know how long it’s been like that since I haven’t called him in awhile because he stopped answering my calls or text.

It says he hasn’t been on Facebook messenger for awhile either(for awhile when I would check to see if he had seen my messages or not it would said he had been on but hadn’t seen my messages).

I hope he is ok and nothing bad has happened to him. I just want him to be happy And ok even if he isn’t with me.

I think if I don’t hear from him in a few more days I will delete his number off my phone so I will not be so tempted to keep checking on him, I am unsure about when to take him off as my FB friend(we never said we were together on FB, he wanted to wait till he moved closer to me first). He did tell his friends about me through.

I know I have to let go I just wish I could know that he was ok first before I did, it would be also awesome to know why he left. He said he wouldn’t disappear on me multiple times when we first met because he said he knows how much that hurts and because he knew the history with my ex.

Tell me what you think.

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