It’s over I am single again(12/15/14)

Note to reader: If you want the backstory to this post check the trials in love tab of my blog.

Dear reader I deleted Alex’s number and old texts from my phone and I blocked him off my FB because I don’t want to have drama with him if he decides to pop up again and I’ve found someone new by then.

I realized that I have been missing him for more than just a week, now it’s a week since I have heard anything from him at all, and even before that he kept not really talking to me and I felt like I was chasing him.

I have learned the hard way through personal experience that you have to set limits on how you’ll allow yourself to be treated.

I know I deserve better and I need and want someone who is a bit more understanding of certain things about me than he was.

I also know that no one can be a saint forever and I need more physically affection(I don’t just mean sex I mean hugs and kisses), Alex is very very old fashioned in that way. It felt so hard to even get him to hug me some times.

Now I just have to see what time and The Fates have in store for me. Thanks very much for keeping me company on this journey dear reader it really means a lot to me:).

Tell me what you think.

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