Alex and I are over, he said he is done(12/31/14)

Note to reader: If you want the backstory to this post check the trials in love tab.

WTF, dear reader Alex just showed back up a few days after being gone for about 3 weeks of no contact.

He tells me why and that he loves me and all this and that he asked me my address to send me a gift.

Right now he just told me it’s over he is done. I am hurt but at least he told me like he promised.

I am NOT saying this to judge him or anything I am saying it so it can be understood as part of this story, his friend told me a few weeks ago when he couldn’t find him that he and Alex had been doing drugs.

I never saw him do anything and I know that he just told me that he just got out of jail(why he was gone for 3 weeks) I think he knew his life was in a bad place and he didn’t want to take me with him into it which is why I think he said he was done.

2 thoughts on “Alex and I are over, he said he is done(12/31/14)

  1. I Am A Duncan

    So sorry to hear what happen to you and of all days on the Eve (but where I am its New Year)… but since its still 2014 for you still, who knows what awaits you in 2015? Take care…

    1. I am glad he didn’t wait and he told me goodbye first. I knew it was heading this way because his life is really had for him right now. I am just sad because he doesn’t even want to be friends

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