I really think he is lost(Alex update 1/2/15)

Note to reader: For the backstory on this post please check the trials in love tab of my blog.

Dear reader I really do think Alex is lost, I just checked my FB messages(My other messages folder) and saw another message from another of Alex’s guy friends(Sent on 12/30/14) asking if he was ok.

I told his friend that Alex has broken up with me and told me to delete his number(True) and that he had just gotten out of jail a few days ago(True) and to try his FB page to get ahold of him.

I really hope that Alex will be ok, I can see now that he seems to be pushing more than just me away(I really do blame the drugs).

I know that I can do no more for Alex dear reader as he has asked me to leave him alone and I will never go where I am not wanted.

I just really hope he turns his life around soon. I will keep you updated dear reader If I hear anything more and before you ask No, dear reader I will not be his Girlfriend again if he were to come back, He has hurt me to much and I know that drugs don’t make a good boyfriend.

Update: his friend answered me and said that he will go get Alex and bring him back to Iowa. I told him to watch out for him for me and to give Alex my number when he is sober again(I want to talk to him when he is clean). He also told me that Alex is doing drugs.

Tell me what you think.

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