Fate’s a very funny thing.

Note to reader: If you want the backstory to this post please check the trials in love tab of my blog.

Dear reader I know this might seem odd to some people but Chris kept me company all most all day on FB messenger and calling me.

He just kept saying he doesn’t want to see me sad. I told him I didn’t want any drama between him and Alex and he told me that he would handle it if it happens and he really likes talking to me.

He kept saying I have a good heart and deserve a good good guy.

I honestly don’t know where this is going if anywhere dear reader, all I can say is that life and fate are a funny thing.

PS. I am pretty much done with Alex now even though we’ve already broken up because Chris told me that Alex lied to me about something I find personally very important so I am definitely done with him.

After I told Chris what Alex had told me when we first met he said:

“I would have went with his story because he is like my brother, but I am telling you that is fucked up, He lied.”

2 thoughts on “Fate’s a very funny thing.

  1. I Am A Duncan

    Hmmm… Chris seems like a good guy… but have a clear mind and yes, fate has a funny thing that happen to most of us (even for me, and my colleague, but me and her a in good talking terms after what happen to me and her ad I became her favourite mistake). Sometimes I wonder… where would fate takes us…

    1. I don’t know if he will ever be able to stay out here in CA at all. I am just seeing where it goes. I really truly thankful that he told me the truth about Alex.

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