I feel like my life is a soap-opera sometimes.

Note to reader: If you want the backstory to this post please check the trials in love tab of my blog.

Dear reader I swear in advance that this is true:

I was talking to Alex’s friend Chris tonight and he told me that he kind of has a girlfriend.

He says that she was his first and she popped back up a few weeks ago after years and years away.

He says she has a kid and is engaged to be married to/living with another guy(not her baby daddy).

He says he knows that he and her will not stay together much longer because of her drama.

And he tells me that her name is the same as mine…


Can this story get any weirder?

I told him I don’t want to get in the middle of anything with her and him but he says whatever is between us(He says he really likes me) is on him not me.

I normally don’t mess with stuff like this but I figure I am already in it up to my ears because of Alex anyway(Not the first time a guy has dumped me and his friend picks up the pieces).

I told him I don’t want to turn any good guy away if they show up because I am waiting to see If he will show up to CA or not.

He said he understands and he just wants me happy and to stop picking ass holes, and he is really mad at Alex for lying to me.

He says Alex used me and he comes from money so he shouldn’t have taken my help and that he lies to all the girls he likes.

It’s just funny how this time last year I had no one and now it seems like they are popping up like weeds…just not what I need….Stable…Not homeless…Not liars..

This year is definitely interesting so far that’s for sure.

2 thoughts on “I feel like my life is a soap-opera sometimes.

  1. I Am A Duncan

    Life can be surprising in ways we never expect. I have my own interesting turn now… but I wonder what might happen next..

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