Apparently it’s a bad thing to care if someone lives or dies.

Note to reader: If you want the backstory to this post please check the trials in love tab of my blog.

Dear reader I just blocked Alex’s friend Chris off my FB page. We got in an argument on FB messenger about the fact that I can’t possibly be as nice as I am.

I told him I genuinely care if Alex lives or dies which honestly could happen given the fact that Alex is currently homeless and from what I’ve heard doing drugs(I didn’t see or know this when he and I were together), when you have had people die in your life you tend to care about humanity a bit more deeply in my personal opinion.

He said that means I will let Alex use me, I said No, if that were true I wouldn’t have deleted his number or blocked him from my FB page.

Just because I am not Alex’s girlfriend anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t still care for him as a human being.

I just think it’s sad that a person who is supposedly like a brother to him doesn’t understand that.

I am just glad that I am done with their drama dear reader.

4 thoughts on “Apparently it’s a bad thing to care if someone lives or dies.

      1. I Am A Duncan

        I am sure there are other people that shows care and kindness… maybe the haven’t cross your path yet…

      2. It’s not the showing care and kindness, it’s the understanding that you don’t throw a person away(not care what happens to them) Just because the’ve done something wrong, human being aren’t meant to be treated like trash.

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