I need your help dear reader(1/28/15)

Dear reader I know this might sound weird but please just *hear* me out:

Today when I was at the casino with my dad I was standing(Yes, dear reader I still use that word even though I am in my chair) in line to get some yummy mini doughnuts(they taste like funnel cake) a stranger in line with me offered to pay for them for me, I said he didn’t have to do it twice then said thank you.

Here’s where I need your help dear reader I thought it might be cool if you would do a random act of kindness(hold the door open for someone, say hi to someone you don’t know, etc) to help me *pay back* the random act of kindness I received today since I can’t get out much.

If you do please post a comment on this post so I can thank you.

You are awesome dear reader, thanks in advance for all the help:).

2 thoughts on “I need your help dear reader(1/28/15)

  1. monika bowers

    i am in awe when i see someone like you that makes movies but does not forget the rest of us. You are truly a remarkable man. I enjoy seeing you with your wife and daughter who you obviously love very much. I watched your video when you danced with your daughter and i couldn’t help but smile. You warm peoples heart and i wish more people in the movies would be like you who put their families first. Bravo!!

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