I have CP(Cerebral Palsy) Dear reader and because of how it affects me personally(I am only speak for/about myself) I am unable to wear heels and I now currently have to wear Mini Mouse slippers because I hurt my ankles You would be amazed at the number of times I am stopped at the casino for compliments about them, some have remembered me for them and called me Minnie so now I don’t feel so sad and I just rock them 🙂

PS. At this time I am currently writing this while in my bed, when my dad has some time I will ask him to help me reach them so I can post a pic of then for you ☺

Just Stimming...

The shoes.
There are two stories I could tell you.

One: I’m clinging to my roommate’s arm, trying to (re)learn how to walk in heels.

Two: a friend sent me a pair of shoes.


One: I wore heels, once. I was in a choir, a choir that was a Really Big Deal, and the high school girls had to wear character shoes. I got the lowest possible heel, and I was okay, mostly.

I liked how they sounded on the floor, so sometimes I wore them in college, or to DD council meetings, or when I went to Washington. I think they had maybe a half-inch heel.

I lost my character shoes in the move. Two years went by. I tore all the muscles in my left ankle, every last one, and I couldn’t go to physical therapy.

I put on a new pair of heels, and I knew, instantly that…

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