Georgia ‘s story part 2

Note to reader: The following post is the 2nd part/page of my first  attempt at a story(part 1 and all other subsequent parts of the story  will be posted in the “Georgia’s Story” tab of my blog). I am not a professional author I am just getting the story out of my mind. All rights to this story are reserved by me, No ping-backs to any of my story posts will be accepted if you want to Reblog it PLEASE give me proper credit. Also my friend Ron has been extremely nice enough  to edit the story for me. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Georgia’s Story Part 2

A twilight lit alleyway nearby an old cemetery in Georgia.

“Work is quite, life has been quite, I wonder if that’s a sign of weird thing to come since that seems to be the way my life  works lately” thought Georgia as she walked home from her shift at her temporary job at a convenience store(Normal jobs were hard to keep considering the things that usually found her).

Almost as soon as the thought left her mind she spotted the glowing neon purple orb.

It looked as if it was hovering over a tumbled stack of old food crates at the end of the alley, the kind often times found behind a restaurant or a grocery store.

“Am I finally losing my grip on my sanity or is that a ghost orb?” Thought Georgia out loud as she blinked her eyes repeatedly to see if the orb would disappear, after a few minutes of doing this and it not disappearing Georgia decided to get closer, “maybe it’s just a trick of the light, I will get closer and see it’s nothing, no need to freak out yet”.

Georgia walks at a bit of a faster pace while silently debating with herself if she should take one of her sharpened hair sticks out of her hair or not.

She decides to wait until she is nearer to the orb since she can’t use it to kill the ghost again, if it is a ghost and from what she’s able to see of the alley she is alone.

Georgia finally gets up to the orb and sees that is pulsing which is normally a sure sign of a ghost.

She decided to try and see what it’s hovering over, so she carefully and slowly moves some of the crates away, which is hard since she is doing it one handed, having decided to take her hair down and use one of her hair sticks as a weapon just in case there is a big rat or something hiding in the crates.

As she moves the last crate she doesn’t find a rat she does however find a dead body.

He looks like he hasn’t been dead long, his skin is white as a sheet and there are two bloody marks on both sides of his neck, a Vampire kill.

“Maybe I can just leave him here, now that the crates are out of the way I am sure he will be found soon by someone, it doesn’t have to be me.” As she says this she notices that the ghost has moved to hover by her side and seems to be glowing an even brighter angrier shade of purple at her words, the outer edge of his orb is turning inky black in color.

Have noticed this and not wanting to piss off a ghost, Georgia says: “Ok, Ok I”ll call the cops, no need to get pushy about it.”

The ghost seems to hover completely still at her words for a second, then it proceeds to hover around Georgia in a circle, his color pulsing and swirling.

“Yes, Yes, I can see you.” Said Georgia. The Ghost seems to bounce up and down in happiness.

“Can you please calm down until after I’ve talked to the cops?, You might distract me and I don’t want to give them any cause to arrest me.” Says Georgia.

The Ghost stops bouncing around, he pulses once as if saying yes to her question and moves to settle in hovering above her left shoulder, like a ghost parrot.

Georgia smiles or smirks at the ghost, it’s never easy to tell which is which with her. She picks up her phone and dials 911 after a few rings she says “Hi I would like to report a dead body at the alleyway behind Lexington and 5th.

Well dear reader that’s the end of part 2/page 2. I hope you like it, thanks for all the likes on part 1 they mean the world to me(I wish you could see the grin on my face whenever I get a notification of a new like or comment on any of my posts.) Part 3 is done however Ron needs to edit it, I will post it as soon as he gets it to me. I really  think he is my muse dear reader ☺.

Tell me what you think.

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