Georgia ‘s story(My first attempt at a story) part #1

Note to reader : The following post and all the posts in this tab are related to my first attempt at an actual story. I am NOT saying that I am going to be a professional author or anything, I am just getting  the story out of my mind.

Please know that any ping-backs to the story will not be accepted if you would like to Reblog it PLEASE give me proper credit. Also harsh criticisms will not be accepted. If you want to trash my story please  do so in your own blog.

Finally my friend Ron has been extremely nice enough to edit my stuff for me. All rights to this story are reserved by me.

Also Georgia ‘ s  story is just a working title for now and the story for now is in parts not pages.

Georgia ‘ s Story  part 1

Her name was Georgia, Georgia Reign. And this is the story of her extraordinary life, and the extraordinary unlife of her ghostly comrade.

She’s a woman who knows how to handle herself in any situation. Her penchant for knives and sharp objects has gotten her out of more than one life or death situation. The knives she keeps strapped to her thigh each have a story to tell. Each blade has saved a life. Her hair is always pinned in a stylish bun, held in place by two sharpened ceremonial jade chopsticks. Her weapons of choice should she be unable to reach her blades, when her hair drops, so do her enemies.

In the “real” world people only believe in what they can see. Man will reject what he cannot understand and is afraid of what he cannot see. When an oracle is born they break through that veil and see the world and time for what it truly is, not a set thread, but a river that flows in all directions. Man rejects the oracles, they are locked away when all they want to do is help.

Georgia had to learn to hide her gifts out of necessity, which was way easier to do before the vampires and ghosts decided to come out from under the proverbial bed and say hi.

On that day the world changed for Georgia, she could see the monsters that go bump in the night. Georgia decided she had to be ready to bump back. You can only hide who and what you are for so long before fate forces you to face your fears and be yourself.

How does a person end up with a ghost orb for a sidekick you might ask? Well it’s kinda easy when they notice you can actually see them, I guess I want to say he just followed me home one night but that probably sounds too easy, even if it is the truth. Near as I can tell he was tired of being alone and must think I am as good of company as any.” They talk through very simple Morse code. And before you ask Yes, she gave him her best “Your free, Go to the light” Schick with no such luck.

It took a long time but she managed to learn that his name was James, he doesn’t remember his last name. He claimed to have died in the civil war, and then afterwards claimed to be a cowboy. Maybe he’s just making up stories to amuse himself with. “I am sure he has been dead long enough to shadow a few humans and pick up their stories along the way…” Georgia figured it must be like how the living watch TV. Each person must be like a different channel for him. “The one thing that never changes in our games of trying to figure out his past is his connection to his name, it’s always James.” The purple coloring of his gaseous form is a mystery too. Maybe it was his favorite color. Maybe it’s just the way the eye perceives the light of the soul.

“I keep telling him to move on, to go into the light and all that.” Georgia gestured to the ghost. “But he doesn’t listen. I’m just hoping some day I can help him. In the end though, I’m happy he’s with me. You’d be surprised how handy it is to have a ghost for a best friend.”

Dear reader that’s the end of part one/page one(I am still getting  the hang of pages/chapters) I hope you like it I will post the next one after this. I am currently up to three parts/pages, I am waiting on Ron to edit part 3 his Internet is down right now. I am so thankful for your help on this journey dear reader, your kindness to me from all of your likes, views, and comments have truly given me the courage  to put this out there.

Tell me what you think.

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