Part #3 of Georgia Story.

Note to reader: The following post is the 3rd part/page of my first  attempt at a story(part 1 and all other subsequent parts of the story  will be posted in the “Georgia’s Story” tab of my blog). I am not a professional author I am just getting the story out of my mind. All rights to this story are reserved by me, No ping-backs to any of my story posts will be accepted if you want to Reblog it PLEASE give me proper credit. Also my friend Ron has been extremely nice enough  to edit the story for me. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Georgia’s Story Part 3

Georgia sat there with the dead man for what felt like forever. She kept her distance from the body, because she was used to the dead not staying quite so. His cold and lifeless body laid limply along the ground. Georgia could only feel comfort in that she wasn’t alone.

Although a ghost usually doesn’t reassure anybody of anything. After a few minutes the police cruiser pulls up and two officers walk out to inspect the scene.

One is tall and almost pencil thin, the other is a bit shorter with a belly being held in unsuccessfully by his belt. Georgia would have laughed at the almost cartoonist nature of it all if she wasn’t about to have to proclaim her innocence to them, laughing like an idiot next to a corpse is usually seen as incriminating.

“Nothing could possibly go wrong with this scenario could it?” Georgia mumbled wistfully.

The cops had walked straight to Georgia not even noticing the dead body. She looked young even though she was in her late 20s, mostly because of her height, she was 4’11 without heels.

Georgia was wearing an older pair of black and white sneakers, with her favorite pair of blue jeans with their fair share of rips and tears, and a basic white top(she didn’t really feel the need to dress up for work). She also a few streaks of dark purple in her otherwise long jet black hair, it fell almost to her butt when it wasn’t up with her hair sticks.

The officers probably assumed she was just some young hooligan making trouble. They began to launch questions at her without a moments notice.

“I am more than happy to answer all of your questions officers, one of you might want to check on the dead body over there first though but it’s completely up to you guys of course.” Said Georgia in the sweetest tone of voice she could muster as she gestured to the dead guy with a pointed thumb.

The officers did a double take, neither expecting the call out to actually be true. Georgia simply rolls her eyes.

The chubby cop spots the body first, muttering under his breath. “Goddamnit, I was hoping this would be another easy bust. Now I havta’ actually work.”.

“Looks like we’ll need homicide out here Mike”. He continues, more loudly this time. The fatter officer begins to cordon off the site with police tape, and the slim officer attempts to shoo away the growing crowd.

“Great you guys found the body does that mean that I can go now?” Says Georgia as she attempts to slip past Mike.

“No, ma’am.You have to stay and give your contact information to the homicide detectives. And we’ll need some statements for our records.” Says Mike.

Great!” thought Georgia. “There goes my night of playing Castles and Dragons with my friends, I’ve been looking forward to game night for weeks, plus it’s finally someone else’s turn to pay for the pizza…”

Well dear readers that’s the end of part 3 of Georgia’s Story. I hope you guys are enjoying it so far. Part 4 is done and awaiting editing. Thanks again for all the likes on this story they really do mean so much to me.

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