“Georgia’s Story” part 4, end of chapter 1.

Note to reader: The following post is the 4th part/page of my first  attempt at a story(part 1 and all other subsequent parts of the story  will be posted in the “Georgia’s Story” tab of my blog). It is also the end of chapter 1. I am not a professional author I am just getting the story out of my mind. All rights to this story are reserved by me, No ping-backs to any of my story posts will be accepted if you want to Reblog it PLEASE give me proper credit. Also my friend Ron has been extremely nice enough  to edit the story for me. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Georgia’s Story Part 4.

After being told by the cops that she has to stay and wait for  the Homicide detectives, Georgia leaned in close to James, whispering, “Are you happy now?” In an obviously sarcastic tone. James pulsed and gave off a slight shower of black sparks, as if in rebuff. The ghost then floated away from Georgia, drifting list-fully to the body.

Seeing this Georgia whispers to him, “We already know he’s dead, now what are you doing?” He seems to glow a few shades brighter at her words, as if telling her to come closer.

With a quick glance to see if she was being watched by the officers, Georgia keeps low and crouches next to the dead man with James at her side. Various onlookers had gathered now, as the two oddball police officers tried to keep their crime scene closed off.

“Hmph, it’s like those people expect to see the grim reaper. Like they’d even notice him if he did show up.” Georgia thought, as she began her search.

Almost ready to give up on her search, she begins to pull away when she spots something brilliantly gold reflecting the twilight sun, just underneath the corpse.

Just as Georgia’s fingertips brush the object she hears a man’s voice ask, “What are you doing?” However before she can answer she is pulled into a vision….

Georgia is reminded of Alice in Wonderland. The sheer strangeness of the sudden vision felt like tumbling down the rabbit hole. She’s pulled farther and farther into the past. As she begins to stabilize her vision clears…

The place she sees is familiar, yet very different. As if she had been there. As if she was there now, but obviously this must have occurred a very long time ago. She sees a tall man in an obscuring hat and overcoat who has stopped in the alleyway  his head bent downwards nervously checking what seems to be a pocket watch. His features masked by his sea blue collar wrapped around his neck.

“Well Ain’t it fancy seeing you here James”, the voice is gruff dark, full of malice and hate. With a sickening crunch James drops to the ground in a bloodied heap. The metal pipe glinting in his shadowy assailants hand. Thick clumps of blood and fragments of James’ skull drop to the ground having fallen off of the pipe.

Almost as soon as he hits the floor the silvery – white mist of his soul forms into the shape of an orb and turns an inky swirl of Black and Red like Georgia had never seen before.

The ghost rushes it’s murderer with desperate intent. Silently passing through the killer with quick and gliding movements.

After taking a second or two to collect himself, the man drops the gore covered weapon to the ground with a loud klang.
He turns away, whistling a happy tune and swinging his arms at his sides. His foot glances the golden watch, sending it skidding into the moonlight.

“Well what do we have here?, Ain’t it a fancy watch, sure to fetch me a few coins with the local Hawker. That bloody goon will buy anything these days.” He begins to walk away into the darkness, whistling that same familiar tune.

Just before Georgia comes to she swears she feels someone  holding her left hand, the last thing she sees of the vision is James trailing behind his murderer, who is still humming that happy tune to himself as he leaves the alley and his latest victim behind…

Slowly, as if awaking from a deep sleep, Georgia regains consciousness on the gurney she had been dragged to. She feels someone holding her hand, and looks over to see the golden watch she saw in the vision. The paramedics crowd around her, checking her vitals.

Meanwhile James is hovering above her belly, “You couldn’t have found a way to warn me about that?” she whispers to the ghost, he seems to turn a blueish shade of purple at her words as if he is sad that he has caused her any pain.

“Don’t give me the ghost version of puppy dog eyes.” She shrugs as she speaks, her shoulder sends sparks of pain from where she hit the ground. James goes back to his normal shade of purple at her words.

Georgia sees this and smiles, maybe the first real smile she has had in a very long time.. “Some people pick up a stray puppy on their way home from work I picked up a ghost.” She mutters to herself .

A paramedic hears her and says “what did you say miss?”

“Ow, I said Ow” She spouts, quickly clutching her shoulder

Georgia hears a low and heavy voice ring out across from her. “Excuse me ma’am.” A long shadow drapes over the alleyway, his brimmed hat hangs low on his brow, covering his eyes from the suns engulfing light. “My name is Detective Dempsey, I work Homicide. You and I have some matters to discuss.”

Well dear you have reached the end of Chapter 1 of “Georgia ‘ s Story” with me I hope you’re enjoying reading it so far. Part 1 of Chapter 2 is done and is currently awaiting editing.

Tell me what you think.

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