I want to be able to say I did this.

Note to reader: I am as always ONLY talking about myself and my own personal experience with my disability. I never intend/presume to speak for anyone else who has a disability, every person who has one deals with it in their own way.

Dear reader everyone always ask me how old age you(currently soon to be 29), when did you graduate high school 2004, do you go to college(Currently no, It’s a long story about why I have chosen not to go for now), What do you do?..

Now this is where I have always had trouble coming up with an answer that would make some sense to people, most people don’t really realize how not being physically able to take yourself to the bathroom would get in the way of working at a job(I think it’s because it’s just so instinctual for people that they don’t realize that it takes actual physical effect to walk to and from the bathroom, sit on the toilet, even pulling up and down your pants/underwater is a physical action), when I say I don’t want to wear an adult diaper or sit in pee all day they think I am being rude or exaggerating when I am telling them the truth.

It was a bit easier when I was still married if pressed I would say I was a Marine wife and just end it there.

Now I know what I will say when asked I will say I am writing a book(Georgia’s Story, working title for now, if you would like to see what I have done so far) and when it’s done and I posted it on B&N.com(it’s currently free to upload and sell ebooks there without needing a publisher) I will say this is the link.

It doesn’t even matter to me if it doesn’t sell 1 copy outside of my family and friends the only thing that really truly matters to me dear reader is that I will be able to finally say I did something job like without my CP(Cerebral Palsy) or my chair getting in my way.

I don’t really even know if this post can fully express how much just being able to say I am a writer will mean to me.

I have spent years looking and hoping to find a job that I could actually physically do and now I found a passion for words and it will be what I will say when ask what do you do and it’s an answer I am personally proud to give.

I want to honestly thank you again dear reader because your encouragement from this blog over the past almost 2 years(though it honestly feels as if you’ve been with me forever) has given me the courage and strength to put myself and Georgia’s tale out there.

Tell me what you think.

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