Holy cow batman it might happen on Wednesday.

Note to reader: If talk of sex bugs you please ignore this post.

Dear reader I might actually be getting laid on Wednesday.

I haven’t had any in almost 3 years and I have decided that my friend Dennis and I might end up being friends with benefits.

We we talked about it though FB face time and we both are kind of in the same situation right now.

I am a female with sexual needs just like everyone else, yes he knows about my chair and stuff dear reader and he understands and is OK with everything.

I have known him for a few years it’s just that this happens to be the first time we are both single at the same time(He knows about my divorce situation and he is currently going through the same type of process).

I don’t really know how this will turn out dear reader I promise to keep you updated though.

Tell me what you think.

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