I just finished level 1 of Lego Jurassic World .

Dear reader I just finished level 1 of Lego Jurassic World. My personal favorite part of the level are as follows:

First thing I really need to get out of the way because it’s really kinda bugging me is I don’t like how you have to make the girl(sorry I don’t know names yet) dig through dinosaur/animal poop, yuck. Also when she digs through animal poop to get two of the 3 food items needed to feed the Triceratops to make it feel better was really icky. The other item you get from a tree.

I also felt bad about feeding the baby bull to the dinosaur in the beginning of the level.

I think my personal favorite part of this level dear reader was getting to smash things as the Triceratops(if I have the name of the dinosaur wrong I am sorry).

Remember if you are playing this game dear reader to smash the 3 bolders with the dinosaur(first mini kit I found for the level) and the area on the side of a wall to get a mini kit(2nd mini kit I found) also watering an area by the entrance to the first gate(after you walk through it) gets you a mini kit as well(3rd mini kit I found). I found 3/10 mini kits for the level. I also got “true survivor” again for this level, I think this is the first time I have ever gotten this type of achievement back to back in a Lego game before.

Also before you go through the hole in the wall to finish the level look around the area where the hole in the wall is to get amber shard that has the DNA for the Triceratops so that you can unlock it, I think you have to use the dinosaur to break open one more hole in the wall to find it.

I will let you know how the next level goes as soon as I finish it dear reader :).

2 thoughts on “I just finished level 1 of Lego Jurassic World .

  1. Someguy

    Learn how to write, you’re fucking terrible. Second of all, nobody gives a shit about a useless guide like this. Why would you waste your time writing this? Lastly, you obviously haven’t even seen any of the fucking movies, so at least go watch them.
    You Are A Retard,

    1. I never said it was a guide to the game. Just me personal opinion/thoughts on the levels, some people have found these fun to read also I don’t write them for others I just do it for fun. I never said I was a fan of the movies either however that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the game.

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