I finished level 3 of Lego Jurassic World.

Dear reader I just finished level 3 of Lego Jurassic World. My personal favorite parts of the level are as follows:

First I have to say that this level was by far the hardest level of the game for me to physically do(curse you CP and you giving/causing my hand-eye-coordination issues), running straight to get the studs while trying to out run the dinosaurs at the beginning of the level and the part where you have it hit the dinosaur with the rock 3 times to scare it away were the hardest parts for me of the level I also didn’t get “True survivor” this level :'(.

I think my favorite part of the level is when he builds the sniper rifle, sadly we didn’t get to use it for the level though.

I think I will try to do one more level before I go to sleep dear reader:).

Tell me what you think.

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