I just finished level 12 of Lego Jurassic World.

Dear reader I still can’t sleep so I finished level 12 of Lego Jurassic World. My personal favorite parts of the level are as follows:

Dear reader first I want to tell you how to get the amber shard for this level:

When you go into the building and you see a yellow bar towards the front of the top of the ceiling use the lady in the party to jump onto it which will take you up on top of the ceiling use her to cross the beams to get to the latter on the other side of the room climb up the latter to get on top of the roof of the building. Once on the the roof look around and you will see a Trail of studs that leads to this area where the amber shard is sitting.

I hope my directions are not that bad and you can use them dear reader.

As for my progress with the level I didn’t get “True survivor” for this level, I didn’t do too good on the running away from the dinosaur.

I think my personal favorite part of this level was one he took the pictures of the dinosaurs in the tanks and the guy used the bones of the dinosaur to fix the latter.

Tell me what you think.

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