I just finished level 13 of “Lego Jurassic World.

Note to reader: I am writing this disclaimer because someone commented on a different Lego level review of mine that it sucked as a Walk-through. My reviews of games/levels are NOT and NEVER WILL BE WALK-THROUGHS. If you need a walk-through please look somewhere else. I am personally just doing these for fun and they are ONLY my own personal thoughts about the game/level.

Dear reader I just finished level 13 of “Lego Jurassic World”, my personal favorite parts of the level are as follows:

First things first dear reader I didn’t get the amber shard for this level or “Survivor” for this level :'(. I did find 4/10 mini kits for this level though 😆.

My personal favorite part of this level was when the boy found his parents again.

PS. I don’t personally think that you have to be a fan of the movies or have watched them to be able to like/enjoy this game.

Tell me what you think.

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