Sometimes I have to walk away from the drama(9/17/15)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me venting about my own personal feelings/thoughts about this situation, nothing more nothing less.

Dear reader I am so tired of hearing Janet tell me “that sucks” when it’s about my problems then spending the rest of the phone call talking about her problems which are mostly always the same.

I am always the person who helps my friends with their problems with advice or whatever I can physically do about it within reason.

The way things are going for me right now(Check out the “update on my dad” in the “Venting” tab of my blog if you’re curious about it) I just really don’t have it in me to hear other people’s drama right now especially when it’s always the same drama…I just can’t lie and say that it’s a good idea if I think it’s not.

I have decided to walk away(figuratively speaking) from the drama for awhile until I get my emotions under control.

I am so very thankful for you dear reader and this blog because if I couldn’t vent to you I would probably explode.

Also to be completely honest with you dear reader it’s hard for me to hear Janet vent about not being able to dye her hair or go to the gym when my dad’s leg is still hurting him and I am honestly going stir crazy at the moment(in case you haven’t already read about it I am disabled from CP, Cerebral Palsy).

I am just trying to read and listen to music to get my mind off of everything. I will keep you updated on everything as I know more dear reader.

Tell me what you think.

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