I am posting this here to get it off my chest(my very last Janet rant, 9/27/15)

Note to reader: I know that I said that I was done with the Janet related venting however this thought has been on my mind since it first happened and I need to write about it to get it out of my mind.  Again I am ONLY writing about my own personal feelings/thoughts/ opinions on this subject nothing more nothing less. After this post is done I will be totally done with this situation.

Dear reader I have been thinking about the Janet situation and the thing that has been going around in my mind over and over again since it happened(Check the “Venting” tab of my blog if you’re curious about what I am talking about) is:

She pretty much has said that her biggest problem with this situation is that you dear reader or someone else who also might stumble upon this blog and read about me venting about her and somehow find and or judge her personally for what I wrote about her.

Even though no pictures of her or her last name was ever used so how is this even possible?

Do I think some hacker could possibly do it if they really wanted to? Maybe if they are a genius or something.

But I keep coming back to why would anyone want to do that also she can also say that she knows nothing about anything I wrote there is no absolute proof that it’s completely 100% her.

I honestly fail to see how it’s possible that a person who is looking at hiring her or anyone else who knows her would be able to Google her name and come up with this blog in any way because again ONLY HER FIRST NAME WAS USED AND NO PICTURES OF HER CAN BE FOUND IN ANY PART OF THIS BLOG.

As for her comments in a voice mail that she left me the other day that people who read this blog post or anything other post here about her will judge her/her situation they only person who they are judging is a person who has the first name of Janet the only reason why she knows that it’s her is because of the fact that she knows it’s her situation.

I still think that a person who reads this can also meet her and still not really know for sure that it’s about her unless she was to tell them it was.

Another thing that bugs me about this situation is that I never vented about everything that she told me or everything she did.

I vented about the situations that really effected me/how I personally felt about them. A post was never made that said hey dear reader this is what Janet did today in a play-by-play type of format and I think this or this about it.

Again it was only ever about getting stuff out of my system because random thoughts about things that I go through tend to pile up in my mind and they make me feel really sad/angry if I don’t let them out, talking about stuff tends to get me worked up over it again however once I write about it 99.9 percent of the time I feel betterabout it and it stay out of my system.

I have thought about not doing this blog anymore because of this situation however I have realized that I would still need a way to vent things and you guys have been so awesome to me over the past 2 years that I feel like you are my friend too.

Also I have wondered if I should do the extra life fund raiser for the LA Children’s hospital starting next month or not because of this situation given the fact that the fund raising page will have my full name and picture on it however last year you guys helped me raise about $150 of the $350 total.

There was no drama involved with it so I will start the fundraiser again October 1 Through December 1.

Thanks for staying with me on this journey dear reader ♡ it means the world to me ☺.

Tell me what you think.

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