Blog update/FAQ (11/29/15)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me talking about myself/my own life nothing more Nothing less.

Dear reader I am doing this Frequently Asked Questions about me/my situation because I know that I have a few new followers so I want to make sure that you guys know somethings about me. If ANY  of these this bother you and you don’t want to follow/read my blog any longer I completely understand and I wish you NO ill will, also most of these things will also be will already be on the “About Me” page of my blog.

1. I am 29 years old.

2. I live in Southern California.

3. I am disabled because of Cerebral Palsy, which means that I can’t walk and use a wheelchair to get around.

4. I live in a house with my dad who helps me with all of my physical care, I have my own room and my dad has his own room.

5. I am currently getting divorced(Check on the “Ending” tab of my blog for all of the back story). I haven’t seen my ex husband since 2010.

6. I have no kids and I got my tubes tied in 2009 with a Dr. Note for my age because I can’t physically take care of myself let alone a child and birth control wasn’t an option for me personally due to blood clot risk because of the fact that I can’t walk.

7. I love playing video games, I have a PS4.

8. I am hoping to self-publish an ebook fictional story at some point in the future.

9. I do book reviews(Check out the “Books” tab of my blog to check  them out) I have an account with NetGally or check the “Contact Me” page for all of the information  you’ll need to contact me(Click  on the  menu tab at the top of my blog then click on “About Me” in the drop-down menu).

10. I am Pagan, meaning that I follow/believe in The Greek Gods/Goddesses and the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

11. I don’t have a twitter, I just have this blog and a personal FB page. If you want to chat with me on Snap Chat: DragonGirl0486 or on Periscope: BookNerd0486. My email address is in the Contact Me page. I respond to all nice none spam comments on here as well.

12. Some have asked me over the 2 plus years that I’ve had this blog if I had a way for you guys to donate to me IF you enjoy my content  here. I recently got a PayPal me link. I’m NOT saying that you have to give me anything OR that I am trying to get money because of my disability. I  ONLY posting this here in case you want to give to me because you like me or my content nothing more nothing less.

I am ONLY posting the link on this page and on the “About Me” page. It will NOT be on another post unless I do another FAQ post at some  point in future. I am still thankful for every single follow, like, view, and comment I get on here.

If you have any additional questions you think should be added here please contact me or leave a comment on this post, I will answer the questions and update this page accordingly.

Thanks for staying on this journey with me dear reader ☺  .

Tell me what you think.

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