Someone please tell me to walk away from this I am going crazy(12/6/15)

Note to reader: I am writing this post to get these thoughts feelings out of my system after this post I will leave this subject alone unless one of my posts (either one of the ones I posted here or on FB) get a lot of shares and I want to say thank you to you guys or say how I feel about that then I will post a new post other than that this will be my last post about this subject.

As always I am ONLY speaking for my own personal thoughts/feelings I will NEVER speak for anyone else with a disability other than myself.

Dear reader I am sorry to bother you again about this situation however I feel like I really need to get my feelings about this situation out of my system so I won’t explode. My previous posts on this subject are the following:

My first post on this subject.

My second post on this subject with a few updates

Where I asked if someone killed personal responsibility when I wasn’t looking.

Now that you know the back story to this post here is what I am thinking about now:

I want to start by saying that I know that some disabled people feel differently about the situation than I do and that I ok with me.

Dear reader I went to go check on FB how the posts about Kylie Jenner were doing(I am not going to do it again because it’s driving me nuts) and I saw someone say that she’s disabled and she sees her chair as a fashion accessory(which is her right) and I just thought to myself (I am just talking about how I personally feel with you dear reader because I feel like you care about me and how I feel) I feel like a fashion accessory is something that I can put away when I don’t need it not something I depend upon to be able to move around.

I never want to be defined by my chair however I have come to realize in the last few years that it will also on some level affect what I can do and what I think. I mean I can’t give you advice about running a 5k because I haven’t ran one and I don’t know if I ever will.

I can only talk about what I have some level of personal experience with. I don’t want to be fake with you dear reader that’s why the good, the bad, and The ugly about me is here.

You guys are like a cheering section for me and I personally feel like I would be lost without you in my life.

She also said that that we should work to get more representation in the world which I agree with however we still need a chance to get our foot in the door. I am NOT saying hire all disabled people for tv/movies or modeling however I am saying it would help if we had an honest chance of making it if we tried out.

I spoke out about this situation because I didn’t want to just say “I wish someone would say this” I knew that I couldn’t just wait and hope for someone to say what I hope that they would, I have said in an earlier post Only you can tell your stories no one else has the same exact experiences,  thoughts, and feelings as you do, I honestly believe that sometimes you can get through to people when someone else can’t because of the way the person reacts to you and how you are saying whatever it is that you are taking about.

Now I have said all I can say on this subject and I am going to let my thoughts speak for themselves.

Thanks again dear reader for staying on this journey with me and listening to me vent it means more to me than I can say.

Tell me what you think.

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