10 thoughts on “Army vet dream(12/29/15)

  1. Hello Rose,

    Thank you for sharing your dream. 🙂

    I was surprised by the realistic response of the soldier in your dream when you thanked him for his service.

    -John Jr

      1. Hello Justme0486,

        Well that makes sense now, it is good that you got to hear some of the truth from military veterans who actually know what it was like, you are welcome; and thank you for replying. 🙂

        -John Jr

      2. My dad is a drafted Nam Army vet and he pretty much thinks the same as the guy in the dream. It was really vivid because his voice didn’t seem like anyone I know but I really liked it. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense.

      3. My dad was in the military as well but he did not get to fight in a war or spend many years in it so his experiences were different and mostly positive, and so he did not get to see much of the reality of things.

        I have not joined the military yet but common sense and what I have seen and heard from people in the military and who were in the military and from journalists doing more truthful journalism (not mainstream media) has left me with a better view of the reality of the military and war and empire and more compared to my dad in my opinion; and that is one of the main reasons that I am not in the military now.

        What you said made sense to me, certain things can make a dream more vivid, and so it is nothing unusual to me.

        -John Jr

      4. My ex husband is a former active duty Marine and we lived on bases in CA for 2 years at one and 3 years at the other. It was an experience that I personally will never forget. The military is about the people who serve and it’s not what it seems like on the news. If I wasn’t physically disabled I would have probably wanted to serve as a nurse or something like that. I will never forget the rush I felt watching guys from my ex husband’s unit(and my ex husband as well) come home from 7 months in Japan. We have some amazing people in our military.

      5. I believe you, that is one side/part of the military, and agree that there are some amazing people in the military (regardless of which military).

        -John Jr

      6. I had one guy who was in the same unit as my ex husband tell me that he didn’t like me or my ideas about things but he would fight to keep me safe because he knew that I can’t physically defend myself. To me personally that’s the core of what the military is about. I know that the US isn’t perfect but it’s my home.

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