Shadow wolf, spirit animal(12/30/15)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me talking about my own personal experience/feelings I can’t prove that it happened on what it means if anything, I am just giving my own personal opinion. ANY and ALL harsh comments or anything telling me to change my faith will be deleted. If you don’t like what I say or believe that is perfectly fine with me and you can unfollow my blog if you wish.

Dear reader I used a “Spirit Box” on my phone(I believe that it’s called the M5 voice box) a little bit less than a week ago in my home to hopefully get in touch with my big brother Shaun who passed away 5 years ago or my grandparents.

The voice box app that I used supposedly uses white noise in the area around you to help the spirits make 2 words appear on the screen.

Most of the experience scared me and I will personally NEVER do it again.

However I am wondering if the “shadow wolf” that appeared on the screen at one point during the experience could possibly be a sign of my spirit animal.

I personally feel like it’s protective because I haven’t had anything bad happening to me as of right now and I just personally don’t get a “bad vibe” from it.

I know that I can pray to the Gods I work with/follow about it however I just wanted to see if I can possibly find something else who might see this post at some point who has had some experience with them or anyone knows it’s possible to have a “shadow wolf” as a spirt animal, I have found that sometimes it’s helpful to have “confirmation” of any experience from an outside source.

Tell me what you think.

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