I don’t think that he thought I would look (1/23/16)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me venting about my own personal experiences/thoughts about this situation nothing more nothing less.

Dear reader I was talking to a guy named Craig who I met from a “dating” site(which shall not be named herein for personal reasons) things were going good and we had planned to try and meet up sometime soon at some place public to see if we get along as well in person as we seemed to in messages and via phone.

Tonight when he was at work I missed him so I decided to check his profile again. For some reason I wanted to check his friends on there (No dear reader it’s not Facebook however you can add friends to your page)

The second girl I clicked on had a big thing on her page saying that the guy who I was talking to was her boyfriend.

I didn’t say anything about it to her I just sent him a message on a messaging app telling him I had found it and if it was true and so far no response and it says he read the message.

I guess it was my fault for not checking first but he said he was single and he had been cheated on before and he was worried that it would happen again.

And before you ask dear reader I told him prior to this situation about my wheelchair/CP, My situation with my ex husband and pretty much everything else that I am upfront about in a situation like this and he was cool with it.

I am just glad that I found out about it before we met up.

On to the next person I guess. I promise to keep you updated on everything dear reader ♡

One thought on “I don’t think that he thought I would look (1/23/16)

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