Deadpool the video game(2/3/16)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me playing Deadpool the video game for fun. I died a lot in the video game so if you’re bothered by that please don’t watch the video also this video is NOT meant to be taken as a Walk-through please look somewhere else if you looking for one. In case you’re not already aware I have hand-eye-coordination issues due to my CP(Cerebral Palsy) which is why it’s so hard for me to aim and use the joysticks.

Dear reader my dad rented me the Deadpool video game from Redbox for to try. I think I got to the second mission in the first half of the video game before I gave up because I didn’t feel like trying to beat the guy with the flamethrower a second time, I think that his name is “The Solution”.

I don’t really know much about Deadpool, playing the little bit of the game that I did made me excited to see the movie when it comes out.

Again this video is more of a do not do this. I did have fun playing the game though. I hope you enjoy it at least little bit dear reader ♡

Tell me what you think.

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