Moth and Spark book review.

Dear reader I can’t sleep as usual so I finished reading “Moth and Spark” by Anne Leonard.

I received a hard cover copy of this book as part of a set of two books in the January book case from Book Case Club, I paid for the subscription myself dear reader as a way to have something to look forward to every month. So far I am very happy with the value of the case ($14.99 total including taxes and shipping for 2 hard cover books, I don’t know if every month is hard covers or not, in my personal opinion dear reader is a very good value for the money. In case you’re curious dear reader the price of book printed inside of the dust jacket is $27.95).

My personal review of the book is as follows:

Dear reader I personally didn’t really understand the political intrigue or what the war in the book was really about(I personally think that it was over Dragons), I just took the book as a love story. I enjoyed “Tam” as a in my personal opinion empowered female which doesn’t happen in a lot of fantasy books.

I didn’t really find the book to be satisfying, as in I am not happy to have read it, however I didn’t hate the book I am just kinda “in the middle” about it. This is just a side note dear reader, I personally don’t feel like the book lived up to it’s cool cover or title.

I personally rate this book a 4/10. Happy reading dear reader :).

PS. If you’re interested in having me do a book review for your book please email me at darkrose04@  (I spaced it out to hopefully avoid spam bots).

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