Quick question for you guys(2/14/16)

Dear reader I have seen a lot of haul/un-bagging/un-boxing videos on YouTube and I have been wanting to do one here for you guys.

I have ordered some stuff from Hot Topic two items are mystery items(you don’t know what figurine or item you’re getting in the bag) and the other two items are just things that I saw and wanted.

I have a hard time doing videos with my phone and physically getting my hands to hold the phone at the right angle because of my hand-eye-coordination issues from my CP(Cerebral Palsy) would you still want to see me do the Haul/un-bagging video on YouTube(and post it here for you to see) with the messed up camera angles and pauses  or would you want me to type out what I got with links to pictures of the items?

Please like this post to show me that you want me to do the haul/un-bagging either way, comment on this post letting me know what way you prefer to see it. Negative or mean comments will be deleted.

Thanks for staying with me on this journey dear reader ♡.

Tell me what you think.

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