Things that have been more of issue for me Dating wise than my chair(2/20/16)

Note to reader: I am writing this post because so many people have asked me about this subject. As always I speak for no one other than myself, everyone with a disability handles it differently than everyone else and that is completely fine with me.

Dear reader I know that some people might not believe me when I say this however it’s the truth, I haven’t really had an issue with a guy who I liked not wanting to date/be with me since I was in high school.

Things that have been more of an issue with getting a guy to date me than my chair are as follows(in no particular order).

1. The fact that I am Pagan.

2. The fact that I have chosen not to have kids(I know that this is because of my CP, Cerebral Palsy however I am talking about dating me in general).

3. The fact that I play video games still, believe it or not that has been an issue with some guys.

4. The fact that I don’t like anal sex.

5. I have even been “too happy” for some guys.

The men who have had issues with my chair aren’t really people who I would want to date/be with anyway.

I personally believe that at least part of the reason why my chair hasn’t been such an issue is because I don’t go up to men begging for their love just because I happen to be disabled I go with confidence in myselfand what I bring to the table whenever I date a man, I have had guys tell me that your heart, honesty, and loyalty makes up for way more than whatever your chair takes away.

Dear reader if you want love just go for it, don’t worry about haters you get them no matter what you do.

Tell me what you think.

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