Writing to get the rambling random thoughts out of my head(2/28/16)

Note to reader: The following post is going to probably be very rambling and random because I have so many different random thoughts running through my mind right now and I don’t want to make 2-3 separate posts to cover each one because none of them are long enough for a full post. As always I am ONLY talking about my own personal thoughts and feelings nothing more nothing less.

1. I really really really dislike people  messing with my friends dear reader.  Currently a friend of mine that I met via a FB group about the Greek Gods(She’s also Pagan) a few years ago is having some issues with her husband he told her about 5/6 months ago that he wanted to divorce her and try to take her son from her then about 2-3 months ago she got back with him(they never filed any paperwork) and she got pregnant with a little girl which is due to be born on the 4th of July.

She quit her job about a month or so ago(She was in the Military and her husband still is in the Military) to move where he wanted them to live and now she just posted on her FB page that her husband will not be going with her and she’s probably not going to be with him any longer.

Her son just turned 1 a week or so ago. I don’t know how she’s going to do everything by herself. I just can’t believe that her husband would be so cruel to her especially when she’s pregnant with his child and the primary person who takes care of their son as well.

I am physically unable to help her because of my CP(Cerebral Palsy) *Stupid wheelchair*. I hope that now that she’s back in the states that her family can help her and the kids.

2. Adriana(the mother of my God-daughter Mariah and my best friend) is currently frustrated with stuff that’s going on with her boyfriend’s son and she doesn’t want to be involved in the situation of trying to discipline him anymore. I am honestly a little scared that he might be a bad influence on my God-daughter and Adriana’s son, her boyfriend’s son is older than both of them and tends to get in trouble a lot.

Random thoughts on part of a dream that I had last night:

Dear reader I only remember part of a dream that I had last night which is the reason why I am posting this here and not posting this in “Dreams” tab of my blog.

In the part of the dream that I can remember I was in a van oddly enough with the friend who I talked about in the earlier part of this post(I haven’t met her in person yet, we have talked on the phone a few times) and a few others that I didn’t recognize.

For some reason I was sitting on the lap of some guy and he had his arms around me and he was kissing and sucking on the side of my neck(a little bit above my shoulder) and I swear dear reader I could feel the kisses.

The other thing that I remember about the dream was that my friend “Star” was there as well and she was mad at me because my other friend was there as well as the fact that I had a boyfriend.

I personally think that “Star” isn’t going to be involved in my life for that much longer because I still haven’t fully let her back in to my inner circle of people who I truly trust completely because of our argument last September when she said she was done with me and didn’t want to be my friend anymore(if you guys know about the friend drama I had become of my blog then you will know what I am talking about I can’t really say more than that because she asked me not to use her first name on here anymore).

I honestly feel like she’s only being my friend again until she finds new friends by where she lives. I have told her that on the phone but she denied it however given how she is currently acting with me I still think that I am right about how I feel about it.

Thanks again dear reader for *listening* me vent and get my feelings and thoughts about all of these things out of my mind/out of my system. Hopefully I can relax enough now to be able to watch some Hulu(I’ve been wanting “Shades of Blue” since yesterday however I still don’t think that I like it, it feels like a slow speed car crash that I can’t seem to be able to look away from, I might do a post about it after I have caught up with all of the back episodes).

Hugs you dear reader for always being there for me through it all and staying with me on this journey ♡.

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