The perfect moments(3/3/16)

Note to reader: I apologize in advance if the following post is rambling because I am trying to get the thoughts and feelings that I am experiencing right now out of my system and as a way to remind myself of this moment latter if I ever need to.

Dear reader I am writing this post using my phone because it’s easier for me than using my Nook tablet because it’s got weird issues with how the predictive text works(what I use to help me type me type easie) while I am laying in bed in my room.

I am feeling so blessed and thankful for my family, friends, and you guys dear reader and I personally feel like moments like these where I am feeling happy and blessed without having anything major happening in my life is truly what makes up life’s perfect moments.

So many people don’t see and celebrate the “small moments” of them just being happy and healthy.

As for I can tell in my almost 30 years of life it doesn’t have long term perfect times however it does have small moments of perfection that keeps you going and give you something positive to look back on whenever life gets hard.

Tell me what you think.

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