I tell my “enemies” the same stuff I tell my friends(4/13/16)

Note to reader: The following post is probably going to be rambling because I am just trying to get some of my thoughts/emotions out of my system. If you’re curious about the backstory to my divorce stuff check out the “Ending” tab of my blog.

Dear reader I tell my “enemies” the same stuff I tell my friends I have very few secrets about myself because I know from experience that everything will be become “public” at some point even if it’s just other friends or family knowing stuff.

I am the same way on here as I am in my everyday life(except for maybe just a bit more blunt about how/whatever I am feeling and why), I don’t really have a “public” face vs a “private” one.

Everything that I am is not hidden because I don’t want any success that I might have in the future in any area of my life to be taken away because of a “secret” coming out.

When anyone works with, dates, or deals with me it’s always what you see is what you get.

I really do feel that the reason why I have 520 something followers of this blog over almost 3 years now is mainly because I tell you what I think/feel I am not nor will I ever be a “brand” or a perfect person. I gave up on perfect years ago.

What I have learned from your support from all of your likes, comments, views, and follows on this blog is that some people will still care about me and my journey anyway.

Lately you guys are one of the main reasons why I force myself to wake up at some point during the day and at least write one thing for the day that I am thankful for that day for my daily “Things I am thankful for today” posts(Check out my “Thankful” tab to see them) while I am waiting for my divorce papers to come in the mail:

As of right now as per info from my ex husband’s baby mama they are now being notarized and will be mailed to me some time between this week and next week. I will keep you updated as to whenever I finally do get them in my hands/sign them and have my dad mail them back to him for me, also I will post a separate post whenever it’s finally finalized.

I have been sleeping a lot more lately because I am still having a few panic attacks over worries about things that go along with this situation. I am trying to focus on finishing up book reviews as well as just relaxing and trying to convince my body that this isn’t 2010 (when my ex husband first left) and that I am physically and emotionally safe now.

Thank you guys again for staying with me on this journey you guys mean more to me than I can ever truly explain ♡.

Tell me what you think.

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