If you’re that desperate to see me.. (update on my ex husband 7/4/16).

Note to reader: The following post is in regards to my ex husband and something that he did recently if you want the backstory to this post check out the “Ending” tab of my blog it’s all there. 

Dear reader I just found out via SnapChat(DragonGirl0486 if you want to add me and say hi) that my ex husband(Yes dear reader before you ask My divorce is still pending and is waiting for the next available court date to hopefully get finalized I personally have nothing else to fill out or return in regards to it, I am just waiting to get the certified copy of my divorce decree from the court) added me on there via my phone number(which according to his baby mama he isn’t supposed to have his own phone much less still have my phone number, but I know from past times that he has contacted me he gets “burner phones all the time) and the screen name there is one of his older ones from when we first met. 

Dear reader I find it funny as hell how desperate he is to see anything to do with me especially since he is trying to say that I am “Stalking” him even though I blocked him on Skype on two different accounts and two FB accounts and one Twitter account.

I am just going to leave it alone for now until I get a chance to change my phone number. I really do think it’s funny how desperate he is to see me, how I am. 

Dear reader if you have been around for awhile you will already know that my life isn’t really that interesting, I am mostly just working on getting as many book reviews as possible and just getting as much stuff set up for my book as possible I want to make sure that my divorce is finalized before I start to make any money from it so that he can’t try to claim it somehow. 

If he wants a “fans” view of what my life is so be it. It’s just another way I know the truth of the matter that he wants and needs his idea of me more than I need him. 

It’s like I told him years ago when he first left me(sorry to be so blunt about this)

Someday I am not going to care who is fucking him but he damn sure will care about who’s fucking me.

Truth be told dear reader I just see him as a “fan” now which is hilarious to me and honestly one hell of a confidence booster.

I promise to keep you updated on everything as soon as I know anything. Thanks again dear reader for staying on this journey with me ♡.

Update he messaged  me on there to say that he thought that it was a mutual friend of ours which I am pretty sure is a lie because my name isn’t on the account and he lives in a different area code than me (He added me via phone number) after I told him that it was me he said that he put in the divorce papers and that he will leave me alone. I blocked him on there just in case. I also sent the friend that he was looking for a message on FB saying that he was looking for him. Hopefully this is the last I will hear from my ex husband. 

Tell me what you think.

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