Please read if you are currently following my blog

Quick update for my for my followers/subscribers since I switched to self-hosted please know that you will receive an email when I post something  Please know that you can adjust how many emails you receive at the link in the bottom of the email.

Please consider this before you unsubscribe the fact that you’re subscribed to this blog has a direct affect on my ability to be approved  by NetGally for book reviews as they do look at the total number of subscribers at the bottom of my blog.

Also having you around dear reader on this journey with me truly does mean a lot to me so please consider editing how many posts you want to receive by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email. I don’t personally have anyone’s email it’s handle by WordPress or Jetpack I believe.

As for when the site will be back to normal I believe that will be Tuesday when my domain name/registration is finally switchedto my hosting company(SiteGround) so that I can get my permanent Url set to this blog.


Tell me what you think.

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