Random Rambling: I think I’m ready to talk to people again.

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me talking myself and my own personal thoughts/feelings. Nothing more nothing less. 

Dear reader if you have been around on this journey with me for the past few months you will already know that I haven’t been feeling able to deal with talking to people that much(I don’t mean that in the romantic sense I mean it in general) at the time it was because I was really focused on getting my book reviews, my Twitter(BookNerd0486 if you want to say hi), and this blog in a better situation. 

Now that I have gotten this blog over to self-hosting and fixed the bandwidth issues(*fingers crossed for luck*), gotten my Twitter and book reviews at a stable place (thanks again in large part to your support for me and this blog, please consider subscribing to this blog if you like me/my content and want to see me get more book reviews from NetGally and other places, your subscription helps them see that my reviews do get read/seen) I feel like I am ready to talk to people more.

I realize that talking to people can get me out of my head space for a bit so that I don’t get burned out from reading too much(I love books however I still can over do it too much on a daily basis).

I also want to say that *talking* to you guys on here always helps me more than you will ever know, I just mean that right now I need a way for someone to talk back. If you want to chat with me dear reader please use my Twitter @BookNerd0486 or send me a SnapChat message at DragonGirl0486.

Tell me what you think.

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